our approach

Erick Gorecki

  • To be presented with multiple qualified, screened, well-prepared, serious candidates for each position
  • Detailed reference information, including written references
  • Resolution of all relocation issues
  • Assistance with interview and travel schedules
  • Honest feedback and rapid response to all offers

candidates can expect

Del Garcia

clients can expect

After a successful career in Management and Executive Recruiting in the banking industry, Del Garcia founded B$Recruiters in 1993. B$Recruiters places top banking personnel in the Midwest specializing in rural community banks, where candidates tend to be multi-disciplinary. B$Recruiters also has the resources to fill corporate banking positions that require highly specialized personnel.

who we are

  • Confidentiality and Discretion, your resume will never be provided to an organization without your prior knowledge
  • Personal assistance to identify optimal positions to meet your short and long-term career goals
  • Detailed information about the specific position and organization, as well as interviewing tips and guidelines
  • Resolution of all relocation issues, including community information, realtors, moving cost estimates and cost of living comparisons

we believe in providing exceptional customer service to both candidates and clients.

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Email: del9730@aol.com 

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